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Mission Statement

We endeavor to accelerate active youth leadership development opportunities through online civic dialogue, through multilateral cultural cooperation between East Asian Youth. 


We advocate for dialogues and cooperation between East Asia Countries, starting from the younger generation. 

We are here together passionately driven by one cause; Peace and Prosperity. 

Our means to achieve the above objectives include to

  • Enhance problem-solving skills and come up with actionable plans.  

  • Empower youth by creating opportunities to develop a basic set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to not only “lead others” but also “lead change."

  • Take advantage of technology-based communication, create opportunities for more online engagement/interactions. 

  • Call for collective action on the part of all stakeholders across the public, social and private sectors.

  • Build intercultural competence and confidence - create the bridge between diversity and inclusion. 

  • Create a safe space for students to share their real experiences whether it's positive or negative.

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