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Board Members


Hello, I am Mido, a 12th-grade student at BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour, currently living in Shenzhen. In the past ten years, I have traveled to South Korea, Taiwan, and also exchanged and studied in Japan for a period of time. During my stay, I gained personal experience and understanding of the development of the East Asian area. I happened to know the information gap and cultural conflicts of these countries and regions. Therefore, I hope to bring my experiences and independent research to the summit, to establish a platform for East Asian youths to express themselves and communicate with each other, and to give them the opportunity to communicate with like-minded peers, experts, and scholars from all over the world. From our generation, to achieve the rebuilding of the relationship between East Asian area.

-- Mido Li, East Asia Youth Summit Founder

2023-2024 President


Sara Yang, a music studies major freshman at UCSB. I am interested in music history, ethnomusicology, and comparative Asian-American studies.

2023-2024 Board

2022 Board Members


Zongrun (Jimmy) Li

Director of East Asian Language, Culture & History


Ruiqing (Emma) Peng

 Arthur Hu

Dawei (David) Da

Senior at St. Paul VI Catholic High school in Virginia, USA. Comes from Dongguan, China. Strongly interested in international relations. Willing to spread out the Asia humanities culture with peers. 

Lu (Caroline) Zeng

​Senior at Broadwater Academy. Caroline has shown a great interest in gender study and connecting to environmental protection in the past few years. She is also responsible for marketing and media for east asian youth summit. 

Hanzhe (Anthony) Zhang

​Senior at Fairfax Christian School.  Anthony loves history and politics.

Vice President

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2021 Board Members

Mido Li.jpeg

Yunhe (Mido) Li


Rising senior at BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour, China. Comes from Shenzhen, China. Mido has a diverse background from a very young age. He aims to build a platform to inspire more peers to learn east Asia culture. 

Yixin (Doris) Kang

Rising senior at Darlington School in Georgia, USA. Comes from Zhengzhou, China. Club founder of Approaching China which aims to share Chinese culture and teach Chinese. 

Gao (Max) Fang

Rising senior at Randolph Macon Academy in Virginia, USA. Comes from Beijing, China. Excellent at Calligraphy and hope to share the Chinese traditional culture with others. 

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Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 2.58.38 PM.png

Jeongwon (Lucia) Han

Jeongwon Han, a rising junior at Brooks School in Massachusetts. 

Born and growing up in Korea, Lucia has a deep connection with East Asia culture. 

She's passionate to help to improve the situation regarding Asian hate via social media. 

Dawei (David) Da

Rising junior at St. Paul VI Catholic High school in Virginia, USA. Comes from Dongguan, China. Strongly interested in international relations. Willing to spread out the Asia humanities culture with peers. 

Chuhan Ji

High school student from China with a strong sense of global economy and social development. She is passionate to conduct independent research addressing existing social issues.

Associated Board Members


Daniel Lee

Graduate of Brandeis University with more than 15 years in education, extensive knowledge on the relationship between Korea and the U.S..

Tingyu Chen02.jpg

Tingyu Chen

Graduate of Kainan University, Taiwan; Advocate for Global Competency in middle schools and high schools in Taiwan.

Emily Sang.jpg

Emily Sang

Founder of Sino-America Youth Foundation, president of PennWharton China Summit, rising senior at University of Pennsylvania.

Toe Karasawa.jpg

Toe Karasawa

Graduate of Waseda University, with a Master Degree from Columbia University, Teachers College. Fluent in Chinese, Japanese, and English; deep understanding of East Asian Culture and Education.

Nat Ahrens.jpg

Project inspired by:
Nat Ahrens

Founder of Mandarin Society, a fellow of Johns Hopkins University, and a US-China expert with over 20 years of experience.

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