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The 2nd East Asia Youth Summit 


This year, we will be focusing on Asian Identities and how we navigate our identities amid global events

The 2022 United Chinese American Youth Convention is going to host on March, 2023.

More information regarding this year's summit will be coming soon.  Please stay tune for our update and registration link!



Nathaniel Ahrens (Nat)

American Mandarin Society Executive director

Umemoto Kazuyoshi

The Japan Foundation 

Dake Zhang 

Rutgers University 
Associate professor of Educational Psychology 

4/7 Moderator of Anti-Asian Panel

Flora Ferng

East Asian Communities Liaison of NYC Commission on Human Rights

3/31 panelist of "Fostering Community Conversation to Stop AAPI Hate"

Carolyn Collin

US Department of Education 
National Resource Centers Program
Senior Program Officer

World Areas: East Asia, Latin America, Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia

Paul Turner

Institute of International Education
Director for East Asia 

Cecilia Birge

Princeton High School 
Assistant Principal 

4/7 panelist of Anti-Asian Panel

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