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2024 Themes and Offerings

The 2024 EAYS conferences investigates tensions in East Asian and Asian American societies. Three themes explore these tensions through unique perspectives and angles 

The Ascent


  • East Asian Economic Prosperity and Political Movements in the Last Two Centuries

Weaving the Webs


  • The Intellectual Silk Road: The History of Asian Students Abroad and Contemporary Pressures on Asian Education Systems.

  • Intertwined and Interconnected - East Asian Literatures and Languages' Co-Evolution.

Social frictions


  • Music during the Tumultuous Era: Exploring the Chinese-Western Musical Conflicts during the Chinese Cultural Revolution; How Music Serves as a Tool to Preserve Cultural Heritage and How it Was Prone to Censorship

  • Suppressed but not Depressed - The Heat of Gender and Feminism in the 20th Century

  • Neglected Voices: Exploring Untold Stories of Underrepresented and Underappreciated East Asian Communities and Peoples

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